Making Android Apps is not so difficult as we think  it is. There are so many websites on the internet today,with the help of which we can easily create a simple Android app. But the question is that, How to earn money by making an Android apps.

In this post we have explained this in detail and when by the end of this article, you will understand how  money can be earned by creating an Android App.

Friends, everybody is using Android Phone nowadays and have at least 15 to 20 apps in their phone.
Of course, now you think that you created an Android app and nearly 500-1000 people are using it,
So how much money can you make? Friends, the way this technology is moving right now, I think that
in the future, people will start seeing this as a career.


There are so many online tools available on the Internet today that you can make Android Apps for Free.
You are thinking about how to create an Android app without any information or knowledge.

Let me tell you there are some such websites available where you can create an Android app without any coding. In this Post I am going to tell you about all these sites. There are many videos on YouTube about creating Android apps. You can learn to easily create a good app by looking at them.

Best Site for Making Android Apps Free-

After creating your app, you will also need to apply ads in it. So that you can earn money through it.
Sign up for Google Admob and copy ad code from there to your Android App, after that, Google’s advertisements will start appearing in your App and when a user sees those Ads, Google will give you money. In this way you can easily earn from 10 to 12000 per month.

How to promote Android Apps?

You can use Social Media to promote your Android app because it is absolutely free and the effective way is to join just a few big groups of Facebook where there would at least 50000 or more members. After this upload the apk.file of your app to Google Drive and then copy the link to all the Facebook groups one by one.

Now suppose you shared your link in a group and if there are 50000 members in that group, and If at least 1000 people download the Android app and use it, then think how much your advantage is?
This is the most easiest and free way. In the same way you can use the link on twitter, Instagram, Google+ and WhatsApp and promote your app.

How to earn more money on Android App?

Friends, when your Android App becomes a bit popular, you can upload it on Google Play Store.
You can earn more money from that, but for that you have to spend a little bit on the Google Play Store. You have to pay 1500 rupees to create a Publisher Account. Once your Publisher Account is created then you can upload as many apps as you want to the Play Store. This money payment is one time thing, after that you do not have to spend any money. You people must know that most people download apps from the Play Store, so when your app is available on Playstore people will download more than that and you can earn more money in this way.

Friends, I hope that you liked this article HOW TO EARN ONLINE BY MAKING ANDROID APPS?