Gmail tips and tricks

Here are the 6 Gmail tips and tricks (hacks) for you (updated):-

Have you had ever accidentally sent a damning email to someone that you have intended to save for the rest of time as the draft? Or you have made a friend audibly gasp at the sight of millions of unread email notifications on your phone? Perhaps you have run out of your phone storage space on your drive entirely and are paying actual money for more pace. If that is so, then you are not alone, but you do need some major Gmail guidance. Gmail tips and tricks

These 6 tips will help you the ins and outs of inboxes, un-sending messages, customizing your account, staying in the loop on the latest updates, and more. You will be a Gmail show off making the most of your account before you know that. Gmail tips and tricks

#1. Save some valuable space:

There are two types of people in this world: those with zero un-read messages in their inbox and those with thousands unread.:-

If you are the member of the latter group maybe that will work for you, or perhaps you’ve simply lost control of your inbox and are now on the verge of losing sleep at the night, just only praying that an easy way to free up the space in your Gmail account, yes it existed.

Search and delete

Gmail searches also allows you to specifically filter your messages to locate and delete by the sender, file size, attachments, YouTube videos, or other links. Simply type a command into the search bar followed by the key words you’re looking for (ex: from:mashable) and Gmail will locate all related emails for you to review and potentially delete.

#2. Enable Undo Send tab:

Gmail’s potentially life-saving Undo Send feature was introduced in 2015 so you’ve probably heard of it, but if you’re not sure how to enable it it’ll unfortunately be useless to you.

To do so, just simply you have to click on the settings gear in the upper right corner of your Gmail account. Select Settings from the drop-down menu and check the box labeled Enable Undo Send. You’re then given the option to set a send cancellation period of either 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds.

Obviously just choose 30 seconds, you know, because not everybody always realizes they made a horrible mistake RIGHT AWAY. (Why does a five second option even exist?)

Gmail tips and tricks

#3. Organize your inbox for maximum efficiency:-

Are you an email hoarder who ignore to delete messages? That is okay, but if you are then going to keep hundreds of emails you might want to organize them to make things less hectic. Labels and categories are your friends like only, but they each have different purposes. Here’s the deal:


Labels are the folders like only, but the goodest thing is you can add multiple labels to a single email. To choose or create the new labels open an email and click the label tab next to the More button above the message.

Once selected the labels will showed up the email subject. Clicking or tapping on them will allow you to see all messages with only that same label.


If you wish to separate your emails before you should open Gmail take advantage of inbox category tabs. These will sort your emails based on subject matter like Social or Promotions, so not every message shows up on the homepage.

To enable inbox categories go to Settings tab – > then Inbox and select Default inbox type. Then you can even choose which categories you want to use that, but be aware you will have to have less than 250,000 emails in your inbox for it to be done work.

Gmail tips and tricks

#4. Personalize your account

While you’re staring at Gmail for hours & hours at work do not you had ever wish it will better reflect your personality? Email is the boring as hell, so for the love of your tiredness, strained eyes please take some time to add flair and color to your great account.

All the stars

n the email world a yellow star generally signifies a message is important, but by utilizing all the stars and symbols Gmail offers you can use the shapes to organize emails into groups.

To choose which stars you have at your disposal then you have to go to the Stars section in the Settings tab. You can choose to use 1, 4, or all the 12 symbols.

Custom themes

Anyone who is ever been to a themed party knows themes are a blast fact, and in this case they have the power to transform and make that happen an otherwise dull but very necessary communication tool into a low key enjoyed and memorable thing to look at. To choose the theme you can browse some of the best options under the drop down setting gear (island getaway, crunchy leaves, light blue, etc.) or upload your own photo to get even more personal.

Gmail tips and tricks

#5. Reclaim your time

No one wants to spend their day navigating Gmail, so here are some hot time-saving tips that will let you get back to Twitter, Facebook, and uh, work, I guess, sooner.

Send personalized mass emails

Aren’t no one get time to individually personalize the exact same email for multiple peoples… until now. Thanks to the nifty Chrome extension call as Mail Merge for Gmail you can send personalized emails to a mass group of recipients at one time.

After downloading the add-on simply create a spreadsheet in Google Drive, then go to Add-ons- > then Mail Merge and Scheduler- > Create Merge Template to make the spreadsheet merge-able. To add recipients either import from your Google Contacts on input the info handly only.

Schedule emails like a magician

Another great thing about Mail Merge is that it have the built-in scheduler that you can use to send out emails at later dates or times.

Boomerang for Gmail’s is the another service that lets you schedule emails to send ahead of time, and is especially great if you want to get a jump-start on work or just simply wish to ensure you do not forget to send something. You can also set reminders for yourself to follow up on the messages, which is something everyone could benefit from that.

#6. Stay up to date on Gmail news

Gmail always improves and change, so one of the best ways to keep up is to test new features while they’re still in beta.

You might be unaware of Gmail Labs, which allows you to do just that. It is the hub for all things in the experimental stage, which can goodly become permanent parts of the mailing system. You can test out and then enable all the sorts of fun features by visiting the Labs tab in Settings. Just do not get too attached because they could wind up disappearing on you.

Gmail tips and tricks

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