Causes for PUBG Mobile lag and how to solve them?

PUBG means Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game which is developed and published by PUBG Corporation and subsidiary by Blue hole video game company. Firstly this game is only for PC user’s for Microsoft windows and it released on 20 DEC 2017 after that this game is also available for android ,iOS firstly this game for android came in China on 9 feb 2018 and on 19 Mar 2018 this game is published world wide. After that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds also available for Xbox one and PlayStation 4. Causes for PUBG Mobile lag and how to solve them?

This game attracts 400 million total players out of them 227 million people log in month to play this game. This game attracts 400 million people.Sometimes game lags, means game getting hang due to network issue, ping issue, and mobile does not support high graphics, FPS issues. Following are OUR opinions about how to fix lag and fps issue in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

 To fix the problem of lag firstly we just need to know that how lag problem arise

How lag arise?Causes for PUBG Mobile lag and how to solve them?

Lag is nothing but the problem of network issue, problem in graphics issue, or fps means frame rate drops. Lag means frame rate dropping over time while playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. While playing PUBG in mobile sometimes it is getting hang due to the problem of lag.

The problem of lag arise due to poor connection of internet that is nothing but the packets which are received by internet is not able to transfer the packets to the server and its affects on the game and game started to lag.

Lag arise due to ping issues. Ping means a basic internet program that allows a user to verify that a particular IP address exists and can accept requests. It is possible with the good internet connection. Suppose the ping in game of north America is 1000 and the Asia is 94 the ping of Asia is best than north America. When game is not able to send packets to server the problem of lag arise. That’s all is called as PING LAG.

Sometimes animations got stuck in the game so that game is not able to render various animation so that sometimes game getting lag. FPS when frame rate drops game getting lag. We can say that the main reason behind lag is FPS, sometimes fps arise due to poor internet connection.

Following are some solutions to fix lag issues.

How to fix lag? Causes for PUBG Mobile lag and how to solve them?

To fix the lag in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile we have to do good settings which are in settings tab on below on right side of the mobile go to settings open graphics settings and set it to “smooth”due to this setting game does not get too much lag while playing and it will give the fluent experience of playing the game. On the other hand this setting help you to play faster without lag.

Some optimization apps are available on the playstore which help you to optimize your game and provide better gaming experience. It help you to optimize the RAM of your mobile while playing PUBG in mobile. Sometimes game lag due to low processor issues and low RAM issues due to these issues game getting lags. Causes for PUBG Mobile lag and how to solve them?

Better internet better gaming experience, internet is the main reason, without it we can not able to play online games so that fix the internet issues will resolve the problem of lag issues in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

Other steps we can say that restart your phone when it lags thereafter play again. This will reset your lags from the game and make sure that there are no apps are running in background. Use high FPS setting in PUBG this will help you to minimize the dropping of frame rate.

Now by using these steps lags will be fixed and you can enjoy your game. If above methods didn’t work out then take your device to service center

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