Why is amazon prime worth more than Netflix in India, Best comparison:-


Why is amazon prime worth more than Netflix in India or you can say that How does Amazon Prime Video compare to Netflix in India or Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix:-

If you are from India and confused between amazon prime and Netflix as which paid video streaming service will be more beneficial and cost saving for you then you are at the right place. We will look after each aspects of both these services and try to find the best for you. Two years ago when Netflix made its debut in India, it was the only the major video streaming service but now after amazon entry into this game the entire scene has change.

Why is amazon prime worth more than Netflix in India

No doubt that Netflix content library is very big than their competitors but at which fast rate amazon prime is adding contents that day is not too far when it will become the biggest video streaming service.

After two years launch in India, the pricing of Netflix has still remained high while amazon is giving this service at very low cost. Netflix costs eight times as much as Amazon Prime Video and with amazon you will also get free product deliveries of products which is purchased on Amazon at no additional cost. And it gives an extra edge over Netflix. There is also lack of Indian contents on Netflix as many of its citizens are still not very comfortable with the English and they want more contents in their regional languages to justify the high pricing of the service.  With the combination of aggressive pricing, strong content libraries and its free delivery service Amazon prime is adding Indian customers at a very high rate. Lets look at a quick look over Netflix and Amazon prime services to identify which service will suit you more-

Why is amazon prime worth more than Netflix in India

How does Amazon Prime Video compare to Netflix in India:-

1. Price:-

Price plays very important role when it comes to choosing a streaming service specially in a developing countries like India. Amazon prime is a clear winner here as they provide you the service at very low cost compared to Netflix. Where Netflix costs Rs 650 per month to avail its HD content streaming and Rs 800 per month for Ultra HD quality streaming upto 4 devices simultaneously, Amazon prime is available only at Rs 129 per month or Rs 999 for a year. Which is quite cheap than Netflix.

2. Plans and Trials:-

Both Netflix and Amazon prime gives 1 month free trial to test their services and all you need to avail the service is to provide your credit card/debit card details. So that if you continue the service further they can charge the amount from your bank account. Although you have always the option to quit the service within a month anytime if you don’t want to continue. So I suggest you to try both the service one month for free and then decide which one do you like more.

3. Selection:-

Because both the providers has the different contents and both are continuously adding more content for Indian users, you need to be very careful which one do you like the most. Also take a look on its pricing as there is a big difference between both of the two.

Why is amazon prime worth more than Netflix in India

4. Extra Features:-

Both Netflix and Amazon prime offers a commercial-free platform. Each service has unique features but the best thing about amazon prime membership you get exclusive discounts on products buying on its ecommerce website and free one day product delivery irrespective of price. So if you are a person who does online shopping then going with Amazon prime could be an extra big benefit. As every time when you book an order you will get free one day delivery on products listed under prime and save money and time.

5. Speed:-

If we talk about the speed then its totally upto you, you should have an active internet connection to stream the videos on your device. If your internet connection speed is not good then the picture quality might be poor or you may also experience some buffering/lagging between video play.

Final Words:-

I have tried to cover the overall pros and cons of these two services so it is your decision to which service you want to go with.

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