How to impress our crush

Hey! Guys here is some useful tricks to impress your crush, whom you following from a long period but not able to impress him/her. I use both gender here because not only boys’ fall in love with girls even girls also do so, Love is permanent until and unless we say good bye to our soul. How to impress our crush

So c’mon guys and dolls let’s have a glance on these helpful tips and tricks

How to impress our crush- Tricks to steal their Heart effortlessly


As it is well said that “A good dressing sense leads to an attractive personality”. The more handsome you, more will be the count of people want to indulge with you. In this materialistic world, almost every individual fond of vogue, everyone wants to live a fancy life. Same work in the case of relationship, there are numerous of clothing options are available all around, so go and check them out and wear whatever match with your look and always go with the favourite colour of your partner, it deliver the feel of pleasure who is standing at front of you.

How to impress our crushHow to impress our crush


Mostly everyone love to listen a polite expression of praise no matter wherever we visit, Giving positive complement is something like give and take policy, its obvious if we give respect so definitely we are earning respect from the heart of others, according to psychology , in most of the cases girls usually like a partner who deliver good compliment at every single occasion to them , its is the best way to to make a separate place in your love ones heart.



Well, if you really love someone, that mean you definitely feel special about him/her. Sometime we leave this factor far away the topic. Why so?

It is all about, that the person in love always focus on major factor likewise, How to propose? Is he/she accept my proposal or deny it? What if he/she says no? And many more queries make a scribble in the mind of a person. On embark upon the topic, Tell your partner that, how, he/she is different from others, why you choose to make he/she your life partner, what are the thinks which make your partner special for you, tell  every factor you care about. How to impress our crush



Talking in a polite manner is the another mean of showing respect ,politeness develop a feature of care , so indirectly when you talk to your partner in a polite way, that mean there is another plus point for him/her to make you his/her soulmate and remember never miss a single chance to talk, no matter what are the conditions .

How to impress our crush

5) Eye contact:

There is feature of eyes that, if you try to make a direct eye contact with the person you love , they start flicking automatically, But this is not what we have to follow at all.Stare your partner as long as you can until and unless they do the same,Just turn your head around as he/she notice you that you are busy in staring on him/her, this action shows the shyness of love.