How to earn talktime for your mobile and DTH?:-

Hello friends, Today tell you how to earn talktime how to earn talktime for your mobile and DTH? Friends, today everyone has the phone. Everyone connects to each other on mobile, for this you need talktime If you want to talk on the phone or use a social site such as facebook, twitter, etc. so today I will tell you about an app that will help you earn talktime, the name of that application is Earn Talktime App You cooperate with this application Subscription you can easily earn talktime

How does Earn Talktime App work?

Earn talktime is the most popular app for making talktime. With the help of this AAP, you can earn a talktime everyday. All you have to do is download any app through this app. You should once download this application from google play store. Have to do

Click here to download a talktime app – Download Earn Talktime App

How to Earn Talktime with Talktime from App? Step by Step –

Step 1.

Click the link above to download the Earn talktime app and install it.


Step 2.

After installing the Earn talktime application, you have to register it in.


Step 3.

It is very easy to register in this app, just by entering your mobile number, you have to click on verify and you will receive an SMS on the phone which will contain 6 digit code. You need to verify this code by entering it. will be successfully registered


Step 4.

Now you can earn up to 10 rupees from 40 rupees by refer to one of your friends.


Step 5.

Now you can refer everyone by earning every referable from Rs 10 to Rs 40 or by downloading an app, you can also earn from Rs 2 to Rs 50 but for this, you will have to accept certain conditions such as an app If you are getting 50 rupees on download then 25 rupees will be available only after you download and register, but the remaining 25 rupees will not be found if you do not uninstall it for 3-4 days.


Friends, now you have come to understand that how to earn talktime from earn talktime, by clicking on the link given below, just download aap and start earning talktime.


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How to earn talktime for your mobile and DTH?