Top Hidden Secrets in Laptops that will Blow Our Mind

Today’s world runs on computers. Computers are many different types one of the types is a laptop. A laptop is a portable personal computer it suitable for mobile use. Laptops area unit unremarkably employed in work, education and a private multimedia system. There are so many tricks in the laptop that will help to improve our work and for effective use.

Some of the tricks we have described below.

Slide down to shut down: Top Hidden Secrets in Laptops that will Blow Our Mind

This trick only works on Windows 10. It’s complicated and probably not worth the effort for what you get out of it, but for applying this trick you go to Right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the succeeding pop-up window, paste the subsequent line of code:


This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, that you’ll be able to be happy to rename. To shut down via slide-down, double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade. Then use your mouse to pull it all the way down to the lowest of the screen. Keep in mind, this is not sleeping, this is a shutdown.

To open a command prompt

To open a command prompt in windows 7 and vista press shift in keyboard and right click on mouse then a list will appear then click on open command prompt.

Change the Login Screen Background on Windows 10

In Windows 10, it’s very easy to change the lock screen background for that go to Setting -> Personalization -> Lock screen, then change the background to whatever you would like. For this first, we have to Install Windows 10 Logon Background Changer. Its available for free directly from the developer. The app is very simple. After installation chooses an image or a color to use as the background for the login screen. When you have a picture or color chosen, merely hit the “Change Background” choice to apply the changes.

Right-click on the Windows icon

Another trick is in windows 10 or 8 If you right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner of the taskbar, it will pop up a menu with a number of familiar destinations such as Apps and Features, Search, Run etc. All these choices area unit obtainable through the quality menu interface, but you’ll be able to access them quickly through this textual interface.

Remove old files after installing Windows 10

We can remove the files after installation the main purpose is to save the disc space. To that follow these steps. Head over to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Disk Clean-up and toggle the ‘Previous Windows installations’ box in the list.

To select and focus applications in the taskbar

To select and focus applications within the taskbar, hold down the Windows key, press T, and use the arrow keys or type T repeatedly. This enables you to scroll through the stapled applications while not ever touching your mouse.

To show the desktop button in the taskbar

This desktop, however, to really dates back to Windows seven but is handy notwithstanding. On the bottom-right corner of the desktop could be a secret button. There you’ll find a small an invisible button. Click it to minimize all your open windows.

There’s additionally the choice to possess windows to minimize once you hover over this button versus clicking. Select Preference in Settings, and then Personalization. In Personalization, select Taskbar > Use to peek to preview the desktop.

Resize the Start Menu

You can size the beginning menu, making it so that it only takes up a small corner of your screen, or as large as your entire desktop. Just drag from the corners. If you wish to create the beginning menu fully full screen, go to Settings > Personalization > Start, and then turn on Use Start full screen.


This feature actually debuted in Windows 7, most of the people don’t know about it or use it. If you have a screen full of windows, clear the clutter by grabbing the top of the window you do like and shaking it to minimize all the other windows. Suddenly having shaker’s remorse? Shake again and the windows will come back. Just shake a window quickly to minimize all other windows. You can additionally simply unharness the clicking on the window, then click again and waggle to undo this. top hidden secrets in laptops that will blow our mind

Rotate your screen

You can rotate your screen by at the same time pressing Ctrl + EL + D and any of the arrow buttons. But this trick, not that much use but you should know this trick is available in windows it’s just an information. Alternatively, you’ll be able to right-click on the desktop background > Graphics Option > Rotation to show your page around all told varieties of ways that. This feature is obtainable on Windows seven and ten. Top Hidden Secrets in Laptops that will Blow Our Mind

Let’s stop typing, Start Dictating the words

Speech recognition has perpetually been a powerful suite for Microsoft, but in the latest Windows 10 release, it’s almost second nature. In Settings, go to Time & Language > Speech > Connected settings and click on “Speech, inking privacy settings” to enable speech services and typing suggestions.

Once you are doing that, you can use the Windows Key-H hotkey combination in any text field to pop up a Cortana box that records your voice through your Windows machine’s electro-acoustic transducer and dictates the speech in your text field. You’ll still get to sort manual punctuation, however, save yourself some typewriting by dictating emails, messages, and more. top hidden secrets in laptops that will blow our mind

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