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How to see a saved Wi-Fi password on Android (easy way)?

Today, through this post, how do you see people in your Android Phone Save WiFi Password? I’m going to tell about this. By which you can easily see the password of Save WiFi present in your phone. But the question is, what is saved WiFi Password? How to see a saved Wi-Fi password on Android 

How do I view Save WiFi Password in Android Phone?


Save WiFi Password?

We connect a lot of WiFi to your phone, as if they are in the house then use the home WiFi. And when college is in College, then in the WiFi and Office, the Office uses WiFi. Or if they are in a cafe or restaurant, then they use WiFi. But we do not see all those WiFi Password once put in the phone.

Today in this post, you will understand that the password saved in your phone. How to see the Password of them all. To use this trick, your phone must be Rooted, if you do not know how to do Android Phone Root or Phone Root is done. So read this post How To Root Without Android Phone | In this post you have given all the information in the root bar.

What to do for this trick

  • A Rooted Android Phone is a File Explorer App.

 How to see a saved Wi-Fi password on Android 

How do I view Saved Wifi Password in Android Phone?

  • Step 1:  Download this file explorer from the Play Store in your Android Phone. These applications are available free on google Play Store.
  • Step 2:  Open this file explorer application, and then go to Device Storage and open the folder named Data.
  • Step 3:  After you open the Data folder, open the folder named Misc, and after the Misc Folder is open, there will be a Folder named WiFi in the Misc folder. Open it Data> Misc> WiFi
  • Step 4: After opening the WiFi folder, wpa_supplicant.conf. File will be. Open it with this file explorer.

Now some Coding will come in front of you. The names of the WiFi connected in front of the ssid in that Coding will be seen and you will see all the WiFi passwords in front of psk.

So Friends, you can see Save WiFi’s password in your phone.

I hope you like this post. And if you like it, then share it with your friends. And if you have any problems viewing Password, you can ask us by commenting in the Comment box.


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