Basic Tips on how to become a pro in PUBG in solo mode.

PUBG mobile is the newest sensation in the mobile gaming industry. In a short span of time, it gains a massive fan base from all over the world. It becomes very one of the all-time favorite mobile game. Everyone of us want a Chicken dinner in this game. But Interesting fact is how can we get in solo mode.

Basic Tips on how to become a pro in PUBG in solo mode.

The main reasons behind the popularity of PUBG Mobile Game are as follows:

1. It is completely free- PUBG was launched for free for the Android users. Hence, the game became popular among people and top grossing on the internet. There in-game purchase but they are not compulsion.

2. Availability of cheap and fast internet- If we carefully observe, earlier people used to spend 1 GB of data per month. Now, Reliance Jio has made it possible to have 1–1.5 GB usage of data per day. Also, every other teenager has a smartphone and data loaded on their phone.

3. In-game Discussions- Having a conversation with the teammates while playing the game is one of the most loved features of the PUBG. This Real time gaming made it happen to play with anyone, from anywhere in the world. This is not the first game to do this. But this is the best game doing this.

Basic Tips on how to become a pro in PUBG in solo mode.

4. It is Too easy to play – If we compare PUBG mobile to the real PUBG, it is a very simple game but with effective features added in it. This enhances the confidence of player and boosts their interest.

5. It is Trending – This is an important reason for its success. Everyone on the internet is talking about PUBG nowadays.

Some of the famous tips and tricks to become pro player in PUBG Mobile Game are listed below:

 1. Remember to put away our weapon meaning we can sprint six percent faster.

Remember to put away our weapon meaning we can sprint six percent faster.

2. In the pre-game, take off our shoes! Barefoot running is the same speed as running with shoes in the game, but we’re noticeably quieter on most surfaces.

3. During the gameplay to refuel our vehicle needs to be completely static, but we can still refuel from within the car by right-clicking the cannister in our inventory.

4. Use the map markers at all times during the gameplay

5. We can stay in the game’s voice chat, but set our own chat to party-only -occasionally we’ll overhear enemy teams who forgot to set theirs to private.

6. Remember to toggle our rate of fire.

7. Big towns under the flight path of the plane carrying us are dangerous places to start, but normally they have better loot. For the best chance of success in the game, we always have to find small clusters of buildings right at the edge of parachuting range, or we can use one of the other more detailed, situational strategies to get even better loot during the game.

8. The key things we want to find as soon as possible are the good-in-most-situations during gameplay are assault rifles (ARs), a backpack, a bulletproof vest,healing items, and a helmet – the higher level for these items we find, the better.

9. All doors in the game in starting are closed. If a door is open then, someone’s been there in that building. If we leave a door open, we’re telling the world we’ve been there too.

10. There is fall damage in the gameplay, which occurs from jumping around two stories of a building, with more damage the higher the fall of a player.

11. If we take fire from range and don’t know anything about where it’s from, we don’t have to go prone – we just make our self a sitting duck right in the opposition’s line of sight. Instead, we can go zigzag and sprint until we get to cover and break line of sight of opposition.

12. We always have to clear the buildings before looting. It’s very easy for us to bait people into feeling secure by leaving loot on the ground, and then we can shoot them in the back.

13. When fighting multiple enemies during battles, ignore any that we down. Those enemies can’t get up unless rescued, so our prioritize must the ones who can still attack us.

14. Vehicles are great at covering large distances at speed during the gameplay, but they draw huge amounts of attention with their noise. So we have to use them wisely.

15. Vehicles will roll down hills during gameplay and will explode when they hit things at greater speed. So drive only if you are skilled in it.

16. Change your graphic setting to medium or higher than that to spot players easily.

17. Reduce the shadow effect so that you could easily spot the opponents. As we look for contrast and not the full players. We need to spot the opponent before they do.

Basic Tips on how to become a pro in PUBG in solo mode.

With the strategies you could become a pro in solo mode

Basic Tips on how to become a pro in PUBG in solo mode.

If you know any other strategies then do comment below

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