How to stop auto update in windows 10 permanently, Easy Method, How to Download Original Windows 10

Download Original Windows 10 from Microsoft Website only

Friends, today I’m going to tell you about Microsoft’s original Windows 10 download. This time also Microsoft has brought a lot of new features in its windows 10, which are good news for people who are waiting for Microsoft’s new operating system window 10, Microsoft’s company has launched its new operating system window on July 29, 2015. 10 has been launched by the company earlier it had issued a beta version that you can install in your computer system or laptop, Confidence before window 7, window 8, or window 8.1, he can upgrade to Window 10 free him, they will not incur any charges.

As Microsoft first released two versions of its operating system, this time it has released two versions of Windows 10, 32 Bit and 64 Bit. Many versions of Windows 8 are used on different devices. Window 10 will end all these devices. Microsoft claims that its operating system will work in all windows PCs, laptops, tablets and phones. Apart from this, Windows 10 Any app that has the same will work on all devices equally.

How to Download Original Windows 10

So let’s know how we can launch Windows 10 from Microsoft’s website. Click here to download Original Windows 10.

Download your favorite version from the photo below. and install it once it got downloaded

From the first screen of the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, select the second option “Create installation media for another PC” and press the next button,

Choose your language, edition and architecture from the second screen.

From the third screen select the copy option in the ISO File or Direct USB. (According to me, you should choose ISO file from which you can create a Bootable DVD or Pen Drive from that ISO file.)

In the fourth screen, your Windows 10 download will begin to appear. And in the fifth screen, he will ask you to make a bootable DVD. You can make it now or even later.

Windows 10 most advance feature

Well Microsoft has put many latest features in the window 10 but one of them is Cortana. This is a kind of app by which you can control your device by speaking and giving it any command it can be used for your web activities. Keeps track of your contacts and other things so that you can get better service Many windows can be done very easily by Cortana in Window 10.

The Microsoft company has also made a major change to its new operating system window 10, which has added its most popular gam console console to window 10, has also been provided in the company window 8 but it did not enjoy the original Xbox.

How to Download Original Windows 10

In the window 10, the Xbox has an inbuilt app that lets you play gam and watch your friends play gam. With the help of Xbox Live, you can also connect with Gam Players on any other device.

Window 10 added another feature in its new operating system, named Universal Search, through which you can search all your application files in a very easy way.

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